Our normal fig season is from the end of November until the end of April/May (depending on the climate). We have a total of 1700 trees, with 15 different varieties, including green, purple and black figs. We sell fresh figs as well as dried figs,fig jam, fig preserve and dried fig rolls. All of which are produced on the farm, fresh from the trees. Special orders of small botlles fig jam for weddings and special functions can be made on order.


Fresh figs:

A grade R 45 / kg

B grade R 35 / kg

Prepacked in 750 gm punnets R 25 / punnet

Jams and preserves:

Fig jam R 35 / botlle

Fig preserve R 45 / bottle

Tomatoe jam R 45 / bottle

Dried produce:

Dried figs R 100 / kg

Fig rolls R 15 per roll

Orders can be placed by e-mail at info@upatree.co.za or by SMS at 071 843 8185