The 38 hectare farm at Middelwater is situated at the foot of the Magaliesburg mountain range. 
With easy access from Pretoria via Van Der Hoff street; from Johannesburg via the R511 or the N4 Pietersburg highway.  
We continue a proud heritage of farming for 4 generations. 

We are also available to retailers that are interested in contract farming for their businesses.
On the 38 hectare farm we cultivate figs, pomegranates, and quenches during the summer months and tomatoes and spinach during the winter months. 
We also sell instant lawn, both kikuyu and LM grass to the public, developers, schools, landscapers and government institutions.  
Future developments and dreams 
Pick your own: we have recently expanded our services on the farm to invite the public to “Pick their own” produce, and at the same be informed about the product they are picking, experience the joy of being close to nature and teaching our young generation about all the aspects that goes into producing the food on our tables. 

Future dream: we hope to develop a processing facility on the farm producing high quality products from our own freshly picked produce on the farm, and neighboring farms. 

As part of our social responsibility we would like to establish a working farm for young people. During this time they will experience the joys of farm living, work hand-in-hand on all the projects on the farm. They will be taught about hard work, discipline, responsibility and the fulfillment of one’s own purpose in life. 
Processing unit at Upatree 
At Upatree we process our own figs, making jam, fig preserve, fig rolls and dried figs. All process are available on request. We accommodate retailers by selling our produce at bulk prices.
Social responsibility and cooperation 
We invite like minded people / companies to get involved in our quest to maintain high standards in the production of food, and at the same time share our burden of social responsibility to educate and help develop our youth.