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We are proud to introduce a unique workshop / seminar experience for teachers and parents of 2-6 year old youngsters.

Starting from September 2014 we will be hosting workshops and seminars for teachers and parents alike on the theme of Motor Skill Development of children. The workshops will be hosted on the farm, and will be conducted by Adele du Toit - Ba(Hons: Biokinetics), specializing in biomechanical analysis, orthopedic rehabilitation and conditioning.

Adele has assisted various groups in research and programme compulation specializing in programmes for motor skill development of children. Her experience spans more than 10 years working with amature and profesional sportsmen ad women.

Motor skills are the basic movement skills that young children developed mainly between the ages of 2 to 6 years of age. These motor skills are the foundation for all future learning abilities of the child. The motor skills are also the foundation the child needs for activities during their school career, i.e. reading, writing, math skills and all aspects of vocabulary use.

The workshop will equip you with theoretical as well as practical information to stimulate and guide motor skill development in children. You will be provided with basic activities to conduct with your child / children.

If you are interested in joining us for this exiting workshop please contact Adele at:

0718438185 or